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Flooding is a major and growing problem for rural communities throughout the UK. The winter storms of 2013–14 demonstrated how communities can become cut-off and people’s lives can be disrupted and devastated by the effects of flood water. This project aims to provide a more effective way for communities to become resilient in the face of hazards like flooding and seeks to explore the potential for using ‘social learning’ between community members, academic researchers and local agencies to understand the flood risks associated with current climatic conditions and how those risks are shifting as a result of climate change and changes to land management in the area. The project will work towards a community flood resilience plan that will seek to represent the different types of knowledge by everyone involved. The project has the following objectives:

1. To adopt a community-centred approach for understanding risks associated with flooding.

2. To encourage the participation of as many people as possible in the project to understand local flood risks, and use as many sources of information as we can from the local area.

3. To create a local plan to manage flood risks and reduce the vulnerability we have to flooding as far as possible.

For the full summary, please click here: Social learning for community resilience

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