Catherine Staite, Chris Skelcher and Eleanor Mackillop, INLOGOV October 2015

Download the report: Enhancing Interaction Between the Research Community and Local Government (PDF 3MB)

About the survey

This survey forms part of the Local Government Research Facilitator initiative sponsored by LGA, SOLACE and ESRC and undertaken by INLOGOV. Its purpose is to provide insights in to the ways in which the research community (universities and independent research organisations):

  1. engage with local government, and
  2. could enhance local government utilisation of research.

The recently completed Local Government Knowledge Navigator collected data on a number of examples of the ways in which the research community was working with local government.1 The purpose of this survey is to update and build on these data, and in particular to identify the opportunities for the research community proactively to develop its relationships with local government in order to strengthen the transfer of research-based knowledge. The research community can play a central role in developing research utilisation within local government. It generates research findings that have the potential to inform local government policy and practice. It also already has a variety of connections with local authorities. The survey was designed to map the mechanisms through which the research community can influence research utilisation, and to identify ideas for ways in which these can be further developed. The rationale for this interest in the research community’s potential role in increasing research utilisation is that it can complement cultural changes within local government itself. For local government to enhance its understanding of the value of research, and increase uptake, it requires a research community that is attuned to its needs and flexible and innovative in the way it engages.