A programme of events for political, academic and public management leaders

The LGA/SOLACE/ESRC Local Government Research Facilitator and University of Birmingham Institute for Local Government (INLOGOV), CityREDI and the PSA delivered a series of seminars to help local public partners develop highly effective combined authorities.

Programme of events: Combined Authorities outline programme_2015-16 (PDF)


Event 1: 05 November 2015

‘Combined Leadership’: what sort of leadership do Combined Authorities need to be successful?

  • Political leadership: Mayors and Leaders – blending a new political leadership culture
  • Executive officer leadership – 21st Century public servants in a shared space
  • Designing new organisations – steal, borrow, innovate and leave behind
  • The anatomy of collaboration – values, behaviours and practice which reinforce collaborative cultures

Event 2: 07 December 2015

The challenge of engagement: big enough to be strategic and local enough to be accountable.

  • Balancing distinctive local identities with the benefits of larger scale and scope
  • Shaping the vision and developing positive narratives for Combined Authorities
  • Working with the private and third sectors: harnessing the power and managing the culture clash
  • Creating a local public service: the end of silos and cost shunting

Event 3: 21 January 2016

Learning from a range of approaches to governance for Combined Authorities: new models and solutions.

  • “Here’s one I made earlier” – examples of emerging practice in establishing Combined Authorities
  • International practice – case studies that offer useful insights
  • Private sector experience – what parallel examples of private sector experience might inform the way ahead for Combined Authorities

Event 4: 25 February 2016

Relationships with Central Government.

  • Evidence, Policy and Economics – how to access and interpret evidence
  • Negotiation skills and approaches – how to develop and pitch your case
  • The blame game – how to handle things that go wrong
  • Champions of devolution – can Combined Authorities forge a path for a new constitutional relationship between local and central government?

The Research Facilitator for Local Government project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), in partnership with the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) and the Local Government Association (LGA).