Professor Rallings, CS

The British Local Elections Database (BLED) at the UK Data Archive is a unique resource covering more than 200,000 local election results in England, Wales and Scotland over the period from 1889-2002. Nowhere else are results from individual local authorities centrally collated or made available for ready download, analysis and linkage with other data sources.

The Database has proved a popular research tool with in excess of 200 downloads (statistics supplied by UK Data Archive, August 2013) and it has been ‘the second most popular study in the History Data Service collection’ (email from Richard Deswarte, Head of the History Data Service, UK Data Archive, October 2009).

The main objective of the current project is simply to add more than 75,000 recent results from 2003-2015 to the existing database. In addition, each electoral ward will be provided with an identifier enabling it to be matched with both 2011 census output and the 2010/2015 parliamentary constituency of which it forms a part.

The project also aims to meet a desire for easier public access to the historical record of local election results. This will be achieved by publishing summary and ward results data for each year as well as an electoral history of each local authority since at least 1973. Access will primarily be through the University of Plymouth’s website, in particular the pages maintained by the investigators under the auspices of the University’s Elections Centre -see

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