Centre for Cities Report: Delivering change – Making the most of public assets
By Louise McGough & Hugo Bessis

November 2015

Shrinking budgets – for public service delivery, day to day spending and to fund investment – have created financial pressures for local authorities to reduce expenditure as well as finding new ways of funding public services and day to day spending. Rental incomes from publicly owned offices, as well as from residential investments, for example, can provide a source of revenue funding to support public service delivery and local authority funding in the longer term. Land and property assets are also being used to support economic development locally, in order to meet strategic goals in different city economies. This report draws on research and in-depth interviews to explore how places are maximising the value of local public assets. It finds three broad approaches that places are taking to put assets to more productive uses in order to support economic growth as well as provide financial returns:

  • Leading development – Swansea , Sunderland (pages 13-14)
  • Shaping development – Birmingham, Camden, Bath, and Bournemouth (pages 16-19)
  • Unlocking development – Cambridgeshire, Bristol (pages 20-23)

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