University of Birmingham

Catherine Needham, Kerry Allen, Kelly Hall, Stephen McKay, Jon Glasby, Sarah Carr, Rosemary Littlechild and Denise Tanner, with the Micro-Enterprise Co-Researchers

This case study summary presents key findings of an evaluation of micro-enterprises in social care in England.  It ran from 2013 to 2015, and was based at the University of Birmingham. The research has been undertaken at a time when the UK as a whole is asking fundamental questions about the nature of its economy, about the future of public services and about how best to deliver better outcomes with reduced funding. We believe that this is the first major study to test whether the size of care providers affects the quality and cost of the support provided. The study investigated whether micro-enterprises outperform larger care providers in delivering support that is personalised; valued; innovative; and cost-effective. It also looked at the factors which were facilitating and inhibiting the micro-enterprise care sector. Organisations were classed as micro if they employed five or fewer full-time equivalent staff,
and were independent of any larger organisation.

For the full summary, please click here: Micro-enterprises